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Is Paul Dano OK?

Feb 12, 2024

They've finally done it. They've finally reached Weisz City! Joining Matt and Daryl for their discussion on The Favourite is actress, author, and podcaster, Jessica Regan.

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Feb 5, 2024

For the penultimate episode of Wiesz City, Matt and Daryl are joined by the editor in chief of Filmhounds Magazine, Jasmine Valentine, who is something of a veteran when it comes to Rachel's 2017 film, Disobedience. 

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You can find all...

Jan 29, 2024

This time around Matt and Daryl are joined by events coordinator at the British Film Institute, Lilia Pavin Franks, to discuss a bit of a Weisz deep cut, Beautiful Creatires (2000). You can find Lilia's journo portfolio here.

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You can...

Jan 22, 2024

Matt and Daryl return with the second half of Weisz City, kicking off with the 2017 film, My Cousin Rachel. For this episode, the boys were graced with the presence of film and television journalist, Clotilde Chinnici. She's ace. You can find her work over at Screenrant, Live For Films, Little White Lies, Next...

Jan 5, 2024

Guys... they did it. Matt and Daryl were lucky enough to spend a Friday night interviewing Clancy Brown! There's a wealth of deep cut questions here, and Clancy was gracious enough to wander off the beaten track, somewhere to the left of memory lane. This interview is something special so you're in for a treat.