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Is Paul Dano OK?

Jul 30, 2023

Get busy listening or get busy doing something else with your time. Matt, Daryl, and returning guest, Liam Dempsey (@LiamHDempsey) crawled through a river of sh*t to bring you this episode!

You can hear Matt, Liam, and previous guest, Paul over on the Spocklight podcast. A Star Trek podcast from a non-Trekkie perspective. Available via your favourite pod-catcher.

You can find all season artwork designs (from the ridiculously talented Stephen Trumble) on our Teepublic store. We also have our intro themes and interludes over on Bandcamp. As with Greers, the opening theme to Won't You Take Me To... Clancy Brown was performed and produced by Mike Hall and Daryl Bär.

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