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Is Paul Dano OK?

Sep 19, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of s05 of the Is Paul Dano OK? podcast which we have aptly retitled, IPDO Presents: Greers. We're taking a season off from our dear boy to discuss some cherry-picked films from incomperable character actor/ director, Judy Greer.

This episode we were joined by the brilliant Laura-Jane Parker-Honeywell, co-host of the Bygones podcast. THE premiere Ally McBeal pod for all your luxury, Ally McBeal podcast needs.

You can find Laura-Jane on Twitter (@litttle_lj), and Bygones at (@bygonespodcast).

MERCH ALERT! You can find all five season artwork designs (from the ridiculously talented Stephen Trumble) on our Teepublic store.

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